Living A Second Time – Tanishq

A non-Indian could easily watch the new commercial for Tanishq jewellery but it is really difficult for the Indians.

In this ad, a beautiful woman I getting dressed up for her wedding and puts on her Tanishq necklace. At the ceremony, her daughter calls out to her. She’s asking if she can participate in the pheras, a ceremony in which the couple walks around a fire seven times as they say their vows. The groom is moved by the girl and takes her up, filling his bride with emotion. The little girl then asks the groom if she can call him ‘daddy’.

What’s special about the ad is that marriage is the second one for both the bride and groom. Historically, divorced or widowed men are outcasts in Indian culture, making the ad a sharp break from tradition. Fair women re given more importance in Indian film industry. But this has a dusky bride in the main role. Indian viewers are also talking about the bride’s relatively dark complexion, a turn away from the country’s mainstream obsession with light-skinned lead actresses.

Titan Raga – #breakthebias

Change the way you look at a woman’s success’, is Titan Raga’s message to the world this Women’s Day.

The person is describing Kiran as a young promising fresher who has won Rajat’s trust. He adds that Rajat and Kiran share a great working relationship, that they come in to work early, leave late and even spend the weekends in work. At this point, everyone in the room is exchanging glances letting their thoughts get ahead of themselves as they imagine a relationship between a charismatic male boss and his charming female protégé. Everything they hear leads them to believe Kiran and Rajat have a strong chemistry between them—the probable reason for her snagging the recommendation, in the first place.

The new advertisement, #BreaktheBias, is a subtle yet potent narrative about the way the world looks at a woman’s success. The advertisement ends with Titan Raga saluting the rising success of women despite these odds and asks viewers to change the way they look at a woman’s success. There was many controversies for this ad,one such is “Sati or slut? Titan Raga’s #BreakTheBias ad is no Women’s Day gift”

Being mother is a choice- Titan

A girl has so many roles to play in her life. The most important stage of her life is when she becomes a mother. Her world changes and starts revolving around her kid. But all this should not mean that she forgets herself and her aspirations. Motherhood is something that comes naturally and should not be treated as a burden, but a responsibility.

Taking the same philosophy forward, Titan has reaffirmed the campaign message ‘Khud se naya rishta’, with the launch of a TVC that emphasises the fact that motherhood is a desired choice and not a sacrifice. Conceptualised by Ogilvy, the ad film has been directed by Vinil Mathew of Breathless films.

Over that last few years, Titan Raga has become synonymous with the progressive mindset of modern Indian woman. The brand has addressed pivotal topics of discussion about women and femininity like career, marriage and gender biases at workplace with its campaigns — #KhudSeNayaRishta, #HerLifeHerChoices and #BreakTheBias.

Domino’s Pehli Kamayi Ki Party advertisement

I think the Pehli Kamayi Domino’s Pizza mania ad is adorable. The pains one takes to get to that first pay big or small are well demonstrated. The first pay usually results in a party, some give it willingly while some are arm twisted by friends and family and Pizza is common ground – nobody dislikes a pizza (i don’t know), add to that the convenience of getting it delivered to wherever you are.

“Pizza Party” is a common practice; occasions are many and hence the opportunities for Domino’s to be the Pizza for the party. I hope Domino’s continues on this extensible line of thought as it provides opportunities to produce various advertisements much like the “Shubh Aarambh” ads of Cadburys.

The Domino’s ads also has an universal appeal; people who have earned their first pay should appreciate it equally as those who are about to earn theirs; advertisement will appeal equally to those getting treated in the party and to those who are giving the treat!

Jobin Sunny Kurian


Flipkart gets it right. Again.

I have become a lesser fan of Flipkart when their quality of service started dropping as they expanded their offering. However, that doesn’t stop me from appreciating a good ad when they make one.

View this ad and you’ll immediately notice the aptly soft mood, even as it focuses on women’s frustation of not finding the right look or the right dress in their closet. ‘Stereotyping’, the feminists would say as they cry blood. But hey, which ad is not stereotyping?

The ad is impressive for what it doesn’t do, as much as it is for what it does get right:

Nowhere in the ad does Flipkart hardsell itself or the idea of ecommerce – a sign that the company is confident on the indutry and itself.

The ad does not make tall claims. Buying clothing from them is not supposed to transform your life. Neither does it guarantee a date with the proverbial knight in shinning armour, nor make you a power dresser who climbs the corporate ladder, breaking the glass ceiling, thanks to Flipkart. The ad does none of this nonsense.

Instead, it merely says, if your current wardrobe isn’t working for you, come to us. And the last part, it does only at the end, without stuffing the idea down your throats. There’s ample time for the idea of an insufficient wardrobe to settle in the viewers’ minds before telling them what they can do about it. The messaging is simple, unlike in many ads which try to say a lot, and end up saying nothing.

If I had to criticise, it would be about the closing line, ‘when you have everything and still nothing to wear’, which to me, sounds very Jockey-like. But the rest of the ad makes up for this rather unoriginal sounding line.

Simple and well executed.

Jobin Sunny Kurian


‘We will take care of you, wherever you are,’- Samsung India

It is one of the best ads that I have seen in my life. The way they portray the whole idea of customer service is incredible. Global electronics giant Samsung has launched a campaign in India which is directed towards providing customer service in the country’s hinterlands.

The film is a captivating narrative that presents the audience with a storyline that delves into the life of visually challenged people. The new campaign showcases the journey of a Samsung service engineer, who undaunted by rough terrain, reaches a house in a remote hilly area to repair a television. The film ends with the visibly content engineer leaving the house as the voice over is played, “Rishtey nibhaney ke liye kabhi kabhi thoda door jaana padta hai. Isiliye Samsung service vans jaati hai desh ke kone kone tak”

Conceptualized by Cheil India, the campaign film is called #SamsungCares. In October 2016, Samsung launched 535 service vans, to ensure timely service to customers in the remotest corners of India. With the new addition, the Samsung service network is now over 3,000 strong from around 2,000 service points earlier. With this, Samsung’s reach will extend to customers in over 6,000 talukas across 29 states and 7 union territories, making Samsung’s service network the largest in this industry in India.

Dhruv Ghanekar has composed the music, while the song played in the background has been sung by Mohit Chauhan.

Jobin Sunny Kurian


A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt

Happiness starts with a wet nose and ends with a tail.


This is the creative print ad of the dog food brand Pedigree. It say all about happiness and dogs. Only dog owners know how  much happiness a dog can bring to a person’s life. Pedigree is broadcasting the campaign of “Adopting dogs”.

Dogs love us back and they actually see us as their family. It turns out that dogs rely on humans more than they do their own kind for affection, protection and everything in between. A dog is always faithful to his master. The love that overflows from his eyes is worth an experience. A man is never lonely if he has a dog.

Having a dog will bless you with many of the happiest days of your life. Dogs are not our whole life. But they will definitely make our lives whole… So ADOPT a Dog and Bring happiness to your life…

Milu S.