Living A Second Time – Tanishq

A non-Indian could easily watch the new commercial for Tanishq jewellery but it is really difficult for the Indians.

In this ad, a beautiful woman I getting dressed up for her wedding and puts on her Tanishq necklace. At the ceremony, her daughter calls out to her. She’s asking if she can participate in the pheras, a ceremony in which the couple walks around a fire seven times as they say their vows. The groom is moved by the girl and takes her up, filling his bride with emotion. The little girl then asks the groom if she can call him ‘daddy’.

What’s special about the ad is that marriage is the second one for both the bride and groom. Historically, divorced or widowed men are outcasts in Indian culture, making the ad a sharp break from tradition. Fair women re given more importance in Indian film industry. But this has a dusky bride in the main role. Indian viewers are also talking about the bride’s relatively dark complexion, a turn away from the country’s mainstream obsession with light-skinned lead actresses.

3 thoughts on “Living A Second Time – Tanishq

  1. This ad shows the extent to which Indian culture has changed. They have started to accept second marriage and its a beautiful ad.


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