Domino’s Pehli Kamayi Ki Party advertisement

I think the Pehli Kamayi Domino’s Pizza mania ad is adorable. The pains one takes to get to that first pay big or small are well demonstrated. The first pay usually results in a party, some give it willingly while some are arm twisted by friends and family and Pizza is common ground – nobody dislikes a pizza (i don’t know), add to that the convenience of getting it delivered to wherever you are.

“Pizza Party” is a common practice; occasions are many and hence the opportunities for Domino’s to be the Pizza for the party. I hope Domino’s continues on this extensible line of thought as it provides opportunities to produce various advertisements much like the “Shubh Aarambh” ads of Cadburys.

The Domino’s ads also has an universal appeal; people who have earned their first pay should appreciate it equally as those who are about to earn theirs; advertisement will appeal equally to those getting treated in the party and to those who are giving the treat!

Jobin Sunny Kurian


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