‘Kaisi Jeebh Laplapayi’- Center Fresh

Center fruit has introduced a number of commercials in the ‘Kaisi Jeebh Laplapayi‘ series.
Taking a cue from typical old Bollywood movies, where a young kid transforms into a grown man, while he runs on the streets. The new commercial shows two kids playing on a street. One starts running after the other in a mock chase. Suddenly they start running behind a bus non-stop, wagging their tongues as if they’re being compelled by some force. It is because the back of the bus has a Center Fruit Endless banner stuck on it. And they run for so long that they grow up.
In another commercial, a few tourists are solicited by tour guides at Mumbai’s Elephanta caves, with each trying to outdo the other. Enter the hero, the Center Fruit munching tour guide and everybody, from the competition to the tourists is left tongue-tied. The new ad is said to be based on the insight that in India, guides at heritage sites are always trying new methods to haggle tourists by claiming to know foreign languages or fabricating scandalous stories about the sites.

Big Bilion Day Ad

As Flipkart was preparing for the Big Billion day, they brought out a new ad featuring popular concept of kids pretending to be adults. The annual Big Billion Days sale kicked off on October 2 and was on till the 6th of October, bringing attractive offers and discounts on a wide range of products. The online retailer was trying to build the hype for its upcoming shopping extravaganza on Twitter with new hashtag #ItneMeinItnaaaaMilega and advertisements.

Flipkart follows the popular concept of kids pretending to be adults for its new advertisements to promote its big sale. Two new ads were shared by Flipkart on Twitter on Friday, both talking about getting more by spending less during the Big Billion Days sale.

The first ad was the classroom ad. It shows a classroom with students: one student sleeping, others talking and misbehaving while the teacher is teaching by writing on the board. The teacher asks a question to one student. The student answers by talking about the big billion sale, about which the teacher is not aware of. It is the biggest sale in India

The second ad is about a bank employee and a customer. It is a salary slip ad.

The ad is really cute and very funny. The boy playing the role of the teacher and the bank employee was the best out of them all. It is a really interesting concept introduced by Flipkart.#BigBillionDays #ItneMeinItnaaaaMilega

Jobin Sunny Kurian


kiss me…

Kiss Me
Close Your Eyes
Miss Me
Close Your Eyes

Kiss Me

I can wet your lips
and your fingertips
and Happiness in your Eyes

Kiss Me
Close Your Eyes
Miss Me
Close Your Eyes

Familiar with these lyrics…?? Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched its new campaign to promote its outstanding product Dairy Milk Silk. It’s a series of ad. Cadbury Dairy Milk has captured the heart of Indian consumers This ad is getting noticed more because of Malayalam actor Jayaram’s son Kalidas. This advertising highlights the joy of savoring CDM Silk and builds on its creamy and smooth experience that instantly melts in your mouth. This brand promise was beautifully captured by the tagline `Have You Felt Silk Lately?’


The ad shows a couple filling balloons in a room. The boyfriend fills balloons one after the other and offers it to the girl, who ties the knot.  The girl releases the air form the balloon meaning the boy will blew it again.


He takes a bar of Dairy Milk Silk Bubby. He pretends to blow into it and gives it to her. She is surprised to find it bubbly inside and takes a bite. When she inflates her cheeks, it’s his turn to pop the air out of them.



KISS ME..!!!!


#PaasAaoNa – let love rule


Close Up has always done a brilliant Job especially with “Paas Aao Na” Series Ads .The brand wanted to engage young consumers to reinforce its brand message: ‘Confidence to get Close’. The Ad created love across the country with it’s unique music. People loved the song and they even put it as their ringtone.  The theme of all Close Up ads are similar, people falling in love ❤ ! The girl falling in love with a handsome guy who just emits The Close Up Magic Waves from his mouth.

This time, Close Up has come up with a new concept, The Revolving Door! The boy comes out of a shopping mall through the revolving door. Then he emits The Close Up Magic Waves from his mouth on the transparent revolving door and draws a heart on it.


He sees the beautiful girl entering on his way. She sees the magic heart on the door and inhales The Magic Close Up Waves left by the guy.


The follows the guy in the rotating door and she just draws an arrow over the heart on that transparent door with lots of Close Up love. Guy stops the revolving door and they get closer!!!


– Anila T Varghese

The Mauka Mauka ad

Cricket- the word is more than just a sport. Especially for us, Indians, it is next to religion. Our sentiments are so high when the cricket team begins its preparation for the matches, specifically the special once in 4 years adrenaline filled World Cup.

Well, on one hand, we have campaigns full of attitude like ‘Make every yard count’, ‘Bleed Blue’, ‘Nothing official about it’, ‘Bring it on’ etc. where we have all got an adrenaline rush having a situation of ‘do or die’. Now, on the other hand, we have this, a fun-filled, simple, humorous take on the emotional fans of Indian cricket.

One campaign which was out-of-the-box was the Mauka Mauka campaign by Star Sports. The ad campaign assisted the channel to get into the limelight. Immense amount of talks, comments, sentiments were flowing with its world cup theme ads. The power of sentiment-led digital marketing is a clear communication through these ads. The string of ads is an effort to create sufficient excitement around the matches. With the challenge of timing, Star has to reckon with a telecast of the WC.

The ad was in commemoration with all India matches, starting with India vs. Pakistan on Feb 15th, 2015.The first ad released on digital platform YouTube was on 7th February 2015. Within 12 hours of being online, the ad got more than a million organic views. The buzz went viral, not just in India, but all the way to Pakistan as well. It also had twitter campaign simultaneously running with #WontGiveItBack & #MaukaMauka

As an ardent cricket fan, it is one of my favorite ads.


Jobin Sunny Kurian




#’Pehle tie pehna seekh le’- Airtel

Airtel has come across with many TV campaigns, including ‘Har ek friend zaruri hota hai’ and ‘Jo mera hai voh tera hai’. Now Airtel launched series of romantic love advertisement in 2014 featuring Rakul Preet Singh and Pulkit Samrat .Both are actors from the industry. The campaign is targeted at young couples in the age gap of 15-30 years. It caught the mind of young India. Advertisement is based upon Unlimited Nights Internet and call. It narrates a romantic conversation between a soon to be married couples.

In this ad karthik (actor) calls her and talks in a very romantic way. When she asks if that is why he has called her so late, he responds by saying that it is his last conversation with her as ‘girlfriend’, with the wedding due for the next day.


Romance appeal is the attraction between the couples acting in this advertising. To convey a message that the product or service will increase the attachment or closeness between couples or opposite sexes these appeals are used in advertisements. Application of romance appeal in advertisements increases the attention, perception and interest towards the ads and to do the advertising job quickly and more effectively.

Kapil Sharma Condemns ‘Agrezipanti’

Kapil Sharma is an Indian comedian and actor who has always taken pride in the fact that he is comfortable talking to people in Hindi and not English. Even on his shows, earlier Comedy Nights with Kapil and now The Kapil Sharma Show, the stand-up comedian has accepted that he doesn’t understand much English and can’t comfortably communicate in the language. Even then, he has no qualms about it.

In the latest digital ad film of Micromax, titled ‘Hunar Ki Koi Bhasha Nahi Hoti #AngrezikoAngutha’, Sharma is seen talking about how much importance Indians have started giving to English language. So much, that Hindi language is at times looked down upon.

The campaign is launched for the mobile company’s latest launches in its Canvas Unite Series- Unite 4 and Unite 4 pro, which enables the users to use their mother tongue with just a ‘SWIPE’.

As a huge fan of Kapil sharma, it’s the one of the most motivating ad with his comedy, that makes this video beyond perfect. Truly amazing, and well said that we have to respect our mother language…. now a days people are saying English for a sake of being cool, but these activities are not at all cooler. If anyone do not respect their own language then they will not respect any people either.  We have learn from other countries like China, how they feel proud and prefer their language The digital ad film that has moved the viewers is garnering lakhs of views and shares on the social media platforms.
…. Wonderful ad!!!!!